I’ve never learnt another language before, but thanks to my lessons at Falamos Portugues I have been really impressed with my progress, I now have the confidence to learn more Portuguese and maybe other languages in the future too.

I had been learning portuguese for about 8 months before subscribing to lessons with Falamos Português. The teaching I received there helped me to make a big step forward in practical application of my portuguese language skills thanks to the very good quality of the lessons, the great learning atmosphere, and the individual advices I got there. Also, I learned a lot of things about portuguese culture and way of life. I can definitively recommend this school! Estou muito contente com os progressos do meu português graças a Falamos Português, e espero voltar em breve!

Thank you, I had a lovely time in classes, learnt a lot. Ana is an amazing teacher. Glad I chose Falamos!

Raquel is a very serious and professional teacher. I followed her classes in May on Skype and I can now speak portuguese. I advice her to anybody !!!

Obrigada Raquel !

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I took 25 hours of group classes (10 x 2.5 hour lessons) in June 2015 with Falamos Portugues and loved every minute! I was an absolute beginner but this was to my advantage I think, as it helped me engage with the language right from the start. The classes were informal and friendly, but it was amazing how much we learnt and achieved in that time, each student to their personal capacity. I found the teacher Romeu to be excellent, and instead of simply book learning, there was plenty of responsive conversation and activities based on the interests of the students in the class. Every class was different, and fun. I recommend this language school whole-heartedly. Now, a few weeks on as I travel in Portugal, I'm thoroughly enjoying the simple conversations I am able to have with people."

I took lessons here for about a year during the spring and fall. It was a great, relaxed setting where we focused mostly on practicing speaking, while being introduced to various cultural references (music, history, television, poetry, traditions, etc.). It was a nice environment where we were encouraged to bring any questions we have about the language, and learn from each other. There was only a few of us (3 or 4) so there was plenty of personal attention during the learning process. We also got a chance to practice reading, go over some grammar, and learn some new vocabulary.

I highly recommend it.

Well worth it. I've been attending the school for just under a year now, and from that you might deduce correctly that my experience has been a positive one. Over that time, I've taken classes with different teachers, Raquel and João, in both instances the class setting is relaxed and you can have a laugh while you're learning, the importance of which should't be understated. The lesson topics often tie-in with Portuguese history or culture, so you end up with more than a linguistic education, I feel. With regards to the learning itself, it's assessed early on what it is you wish to achieve from the lessons, and the format of the classes is tailored to your needs. 

I would recommend the school, and have indeed done so in the recent past.


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